The Two Prongs of Educational Marketing in the Local Community

Marketing depends almost solely on data. Without data, the marketing would be a shot in the dark based on general assumptions. It has been proven in any industry that the leaders of the firm may not know their target market as much as they hope. The education marketing analysis broken into sections that help differentiate targets, find the target market, find the message for that market, and engage them with their needs and wants. There are at least three major branches for market research.

Umbrella Gathering

The research often begins as a vaguer concept of what is going on in the community. Umbrella gathering tends to oversee the larger community. These strategies will determine how to take the primary research, but they will also help gauge the results sifted and discovered through secondary research. Umbrella strategies include telephone surveys, online surveys, on-the-spot polls, and larger focus groups.


In-depth Reviews and Primary Research

There is this idea in k-12 market research that one begins with the primary and continues with the secondary. The truth is somewhere in between. Primary and secondary marketing typically work at the same time. The primary research will help drive the secondary research. The primary will include more specific research of a respective target. If the target is well-established, the primary research will be more utilized early on. It includes in-depth interviews with very carefully and specifically chosen individuals. They become representations of their target, and they are not chosen randomly. They can provide fruitful information that can be a powerful tool.

The primary research will also include focus groups, as well as targeted surveys used with a small pool of individuals. These can be done online, but are usually done in an office environment where the data can be monitored and the individuals can interact if need be.

Primary research is often done first. It determines the who and why of the educational marketing. The secondary research essentially establishes the answer to what is going to be done about it. Qualified and extensive education analysis will find answers to problems rarely observed with such a keen and precise eye for attention.


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